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You may obtain services from out-of-network providers for emergencies, urgently needed care when the network is not available (generally, when you are out of the area), out-of-area dialysis services, and when you have authorization to obtain specialized services that are not available in network. To obtain authorization, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) must first refer you to the out-of-network provider, and then request approval from HAP Midwest MI Health Link (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) before you receive the services. YOU MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF THIS CARE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL.

To locate a network provider nearest you in this directory, first locate the type of provider you would like to see and then look for the state, county, and city nearest you. All of the providers in this directory accept Medicare and Medicaid members of HAP Midwest MI Health Link. The total number of providers available in each category is shown on the last page of each section.

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To create a directory, use the interactive tool below. Follow the steps here to create a personal provider directory that can be a specific as you would like.

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