Provider Newsletters and Announcements

NameTypeDate AddedDownload
2018_12 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf5/10/2019 Download
Submitting the HRA via CHAMPS FACT Sheet.pdf.pdf5/8/2019 Download
Provider Newsletter June 2018.pdf.pdf4/30/2019 Download
2019 HAP Midwest Health Plan Access to Care Availability Standards FINAL.pdf.pdf4/1/2019 Download
Exciting Changes Coming to HAP Midwest this June.pdf.pdf4/1/2019 Download
Prior Authorization Form.pdf.pdf12/31/2018 Download
2018_ 12 Provider Notice PBM.pdf.pdf12/17/2018 Download
Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice reminder.pdf.pdf9/18/2018 Download
Enroll in CHAMPS Today.pdf.pdf9/18/2018 Download
Change in Submitting Authorizations for HAP Midwest Members.pdf.pdf8/24/2018 Download
Change in Submitting Authorizations for HAP Midwest Members FINAL.pdf.pdf7/25/2018 Download
2018_06_Provide Newsletter.pdf.pdf6/19/2018 Download
Therapy Limits for Medicare Members June 2018.pdf.pdf6/7/2018 Download
Requirement for Providers to Enroll in CHAMPS.pdf.pdf3/9/2018 Download
Michigan Medicaid Provider Enrollment Requirements.pdf.pdf12/22/2017 Download
2017_12 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf12/14/2017 Download
Utilization Management Annual Communication.pdf.pdf9/27/2017 Download
2017_06 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf7/12/2017 Download
MIHP Prelog Manual.pdf.pdf3/31/2017 Download
MIHP Claim Submission and Care Coordinator.pdf.pdf3/31/2017 Download
Midwest Maternal Infant Health Program.pdf.pdf3/31/2017 Download
2017_03 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf3/20/2017 Download
2016_12 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf12/22/2016 Download
2016_10 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf10/14/2016 Download
2015_10 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf10/2/2015 Download
2015_08 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf8/10/2015 Download
2015_05 Provider Newsletter.pdf.pdf5/14/2015 Download